Hi, I'm Mason Embry

Full Stack Web Developer

About Me

I am a musician and web developer with experience in both the frontend and backend, using technologies such as Node, Elixir, Phoenix, Vue, React, Elm, Webpack, etc. I have built single page applications using multiple JavaScript frameworks and helped to maintain a Node/Couchbase API.

As team leader, I can derive clear work tasks from a project plan, leading to an on-time delivery with minimal technical debt. I am comfortable facilitating Scrum meetings and working with various project management tools.

I enjoy solving problems with technology, and coding has given me many new ways to do so. I look forward to expanding that toolset daily. It is especially exciting to be adding to my JavaScript knowledge by learning functional programming in Elixir and Elm and spending more time working with APIs and databases.

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What I Know

I'll admit, I'm currently a little too busy to update all of these lovely icons to represent the technologies I'm currently most familiar with and excited about. Lets just say these form the foundation. In addition, my current passions are Vue, Node, Elixir, Phoenix, and Elm.













Other Stuff I Know

I'm also familiar with these handy technologies:

  • Vue
  • React
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • Ava
  • Jest
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix
  • Elm
  • MongoDB
  • Couchbase
  • Wordpress

Featured Project


This is the capstone project for my Treehouse Techdegree.
Use Spotify and JamBase to find local concerts for your top Spotify artists.

My Work

Here is a sample of my latest projects.
To peruse more of my code, please head over to my Github.

Also, note that two of my biggest projects, written in Vue and React, sadly have a private codebase.
I'd be happy to show you some of that code in person, however. Drop me a line!


Techdegree capstone project

liveTracker is the unguided capstone project for my Treehouse Techdegree. It uses the Spotify API along with the JamBase concert API to retrieve a user's top 20 Spotify artists and search for concerts near the user's zip code.

This is a MEAN app. The backend is built using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, and Passport for authentication. The frontend is built in AngularJS, using Bootstrap as well as custom CSS.

The best aspect of this project was the challenge of building completely from scratch, which enabled me to scaffold the app exactly the way I wanted and to discover the best solutions to achieve the functionality I was looking for.

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This website right here

The website you are experiencing at the moment was built on Bootstrap 3, using the Me Flat theme by Qthemes.

I added my own content and custom CSS.

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Voodoo Lighting Design

Custom project for Voodoo Lighting Design

Voodoo Lighting Design's homepage is built using Bootstrap 3. The banner carousel and navigation are from a theme and the rest of the content is coded from scratch by yours truly.

The top priority for the client was to display several photos in the portfolio section, showing off lighting designs custom made for different artists. I achieved this using carousels and popup modal windows. The jQuery plugins slick and slick-lightbox came in very handy.

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Course Rating API

Techdegree project

The goal of this Techdegree project was to build out an API backend for a course rating website. The frontend was built by Treehouse using AngularJS and I coded the backend.

Node.js, Express, and MongoDB were used, with the emphasis being on learning data modeling with MongoDB and Mongoose, and especially data validation.

Also, authentication in the form of Express middleware was coded from scratch. This was a very good way for me to get my feet wet with authetication, authorization, and user management.

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Library Manager

Techdegree project

This is a library book and loan manager built using Node.js and Express. Treehouse provided me with the basic CSS and starting HTML and I went from there, programming the backend to save book, patron, and loan data to a SQL database, and generating HTML from templates.

Sequelize and Pug templates are the technologies on display in this app. Sequelize was a very helpful ORM and enabled me to interact with the SQL database easily. Pug (formerly Jade) templates delivered HTML to the frontend.

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Recipe Database

Techdegree project

For this recipe database, my task was to build the frontend using AngularJS to interact with the REST API provided by Treehouse. It was an excellent introduction to Angular technology and the power of two-way data binding.

I started with basic HTML and CSS from treehouse and built all of the AngularJS code from scratch.

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Mason Embry Productions

Website for my musician persona

Before my excursion into the world of Full-Stack JavaScript, I worked with WordPress and some basic PHP. I started with a WordPress theme and customized this website to be the online presence for my musician persona.

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Letters To My Papa

eBook promotion and sales

Before my excursion into the world of Full-Stack JavaScript, I worked with WordPress and some basic PHP. Like my music website masonembry.com, Letters To My Papa is built using a WordPress theme as a starting point.

The theme did not include a storefront. I shopped around (pun intended) for a good WordPress commerce plugin and settled on EasyCart. I integrated this plugin with the website and we were up and running.

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Drop Me a Line

Please feel free to email me and keep in touch on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Also, my Treehouse profile and Github may be of interest.